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Chris Clark
Chris Clark
Along with Bobby Darin and Rare Earth, Chris Clark was one of a relative handful of white artists signed to Motown Records; she also went a good deal farther with the company in her creative career than any other white artist (and most artists, period) who ever recorded there. The Los Angeles-born Clark was discovered by Motown California talent representative Hal Davis (who had also pointed Brenda Holloway their way), who arranged an audition for her with Berry Gordy in Detroit. Gordy hated the songs on her demo but loved her voice, and she was signed to Motown at age 18. Clark was wise beyond her years, especially in the ways of music, having spent a big part of her youth around jazz musicians. Her voice was suited to the harder, bluesier side of R&B, and Gordy gave her one of the raunchier singles ever to come out of the label, "Do Right Baby, Do Right," as her debut. The two started writing songs together, including "I Want to Go Back There Again," and she ended up just as involved on the creative side of the business as the performing side, assisting and advising Gordy in his work on behalf of several artists' careers. Additionally, the two were involved personally for years.
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